Exit / Emergency Lighting

Routine maintenance of emergency lights and emergency lighting is frequently overlooked until an emergency occurs and then it's too late.

Consider what your building's plan is if the electricity goes out: Will your customers, clients, and employees be able to see? Will they know where the exits are? Will they feel safe?

Macks can provide emergency lighting systems to keep critical areas lit when power goes out, and exit lights to guide staff to safely leave the building in cases of an emergency. Exit and emergency lights can come together as one unit or be placed separately. Either way, the exit and emergency lighting can be powered by long lasting batteries especially designed to provide long life. Many are lit by LED lighting to provide maximum life.

Housing for the lights can range from thermoplastic suitable for most commercial buildings, or rugged steel for industrial settings. Emergency lighting can also come in a sleek, low profile housing to meet aesthetic demands in stores, offices, restaurants and other commercial spaces.

Macks offers these exit and emergency lighting units with fire-retardant housing, and even has weather resistant units for industrial and agricultural settings that may expose them to water, steam and other corrosive elements.

Unsure of what exit and emergency lighting unit you need? Call Macks today and let our specialists in fire protection audit your layout and operations to come up with the solution to guide your workers to safety in case an emergency strikes.