Fire Alarm Systems

Macks Fire Protection can provide you with the fire alarm system best suited for your building and operations.

Our specialists will conduct a free survey of your facilities, help you choose from the bell, horn and strobe systems available, and plan the critical locations for the alarms.

Manual Pull Stations are designed to meet a variety of applications for the end user. Macks offers models for manual pull alarms that include single and dual action versions. They come with a fire alarm control panel that receives the manual alarm initiating input signal. These alarms, built with durable construction, provide multiple mounting options to make them simple to install and maintain.

Macks also offers fire alarm housing with the triggering lever placed behind breakable glass or a clear Lexan hinged cove. Both versions are designed to help prevent false alarms.

Automatic alarms are triggered by heat. Some, like the 5600 Series Heat Detectors, offer a low cost automatic alarm system where smoke detectors are inadequate. Thermotech Heat Detectors are self-restoring and vertically mounted only. Versions of the Thermotech detectors are made to be explosion proof for industrial locations.

Once we install your fire alarm system, Macks will continue to maintain and inspect the system, and carry out required testing. Call us today and let our experts in fire protection and safety help you select the fire alarm system that meets your needs.