Firefighting Equipment

When a fire breaks out in a factory, warehouse or similar facility, a quick response is key to saving lives and property. Even a few minutes' wait for the fire department to arrive may be too late.

If your company has its own emergency response team, Macks Fire Protection can supply fire hoses, reels, fire axes and safety gear so your team is well equipped to fight a fire in the first few minutes before it becomes a major blaze.

Among the hoses we offer are light-weight rack-and-reel firehoses for emergency use only to double jacket firehouses with a burst pressure of 1,200 psi recommended for industrial fire protection. Macks also can provide hose racks, reels, valves and brass nozzles.

To keep your emergency response team members safe, Macks Fire provides a complete range of protective gear, including bunker boots with a flexible stainless steel midsoles and steel toes. Firefighting helmets come in thermoplastic outer shells that give greater impact and penetration resistance, and hold up better against repeated heat exposures. Helmets with fiberglass outer shells, however, offer more resistance to chemical exposure and are more stable when exposed to extreme temperatures than thermoplastic helmets.

Other firefighting equipment available includes flame resistant hoods, goggles, high-power hand-held lights and personal emergency response lights to track personnel in smoke-filled buildings.

Whatever the needs of your emergency response team, contact the specialists at Macks for dependable and effective firefighting equipment.