Sprinkler Systems

Macks Fire Protection is proud of our sprinkler team. Whether it's industrial, commercial or, increasingly common these days, residential, our team can recommend the best system to meet your needs.

Macks offers installation of wet and dry sprinkler systems. The wet sprinkler system is the most common system. Its reliability depends on its simplicity. Water is already under pressure in the pipe. The only moving components are the sprinkler heads themselves and often an automatic alarm check valve.

Dry pipe sprinkler systems are used for unheated buildings located in climates subject to freezing temperature. The sprinkler pipes are connected to a water supply system through a check valve. When a sprinkler head opens due to a fire, the air escapes and the check valve opens, allowing water to flow to the open sprinkler.

Sprinklers also come as a deluge system or pre-action. With a deluge sprinkler, all sprinkler heads connected to the water piping system are open so that when the system is activated by a fire or alarm, water sprays from all heads. We install these systems in locations where special hazards exist and there is a threat of a quickly spreading blaze if a fire breaks out.

Macks installs a pre-action system where accidental activation could occur, causing damage to contents and equipment. These systems require a "preceding" fire detection prior to the action of water introduced into the system. An accidental alarm without smoke or fire detection would not activate the system.

Please call us with the specifics of your situation so we can prepare a quote customized for your particular needs.