Maintenance & Repair


Fire protection systems are not meant to be installed and forgotten about.

You need to know they will work when needed. That takes proper maintenance and expert repair. So who are you going to turn to? The same people who installed your systems, the specialists at Macks Fire Protection.

When we come to inspect your protection systems, we note what repairs and cleaning are needed to maintain a systems efficiency and capability to send out an alarm or to put out a fire. Regular maintenance such as exhaust and duct cleaning, testing of alarms and sprinkler systems, and repairing any minor issues we discover keep those issues from becoming major problems.

Mack's dedication to service for our customers drives our business, and reduces your risks.

Suppression systems repair and service

Our fire protection specialists are trained in assisting you with any inspection, repair, or problem you have with your kitchen hood suppression or exhaust system.  We work around your hours of operation making your service call as seamless as possible.

Our inspection process is geared to keep you in operation. When our technician inspects your fire system and finds any deficiencies, we will process the non-compliance information and get you a proposal right away.

Installations--We assess the needs of your restaurant or kitchen and provide you with a fire suppression solution that will meet the needs of the local authority having jurisdiction and your insurance company.  We are ready to partner with you to help protect your assets, employees, and customers.

24 Hour Emergency Service--Our 24 hour emergency service is offered to all of our customers. We take your fire protection very seriously and will respond to your emergency call immediately 365 days a year - around the clock.  Call us at 800-342-4099.